ISO 9001:2008

Leading OEM Supplier

Of Non-Ferrous Metal Components

Quality Policy

The company’s quality policy makes sure that products and processes always meet customer requirements and legal protocols.

  • Every inch of hard work is invested in order to gain your trust in our QUALITY. Every stage of production is examined by our experts. Throughout the production cycle, strict quality control is sustained, that is, from the raw material to the finished product ready for shipment.
  • In order to achieve high quality standards according to the requirements of our potential buyers, we strictly control all of our processes associated with the manufacture of the product.
  • Our staffs adhere to all aspects of our business and contribute to the effectiveness of our quality unit. Our words of assurance guarantee our customers un-adjustable quality service. This is achieved through a team approach where all members understand the company’s goals and work accordingly.
  • Our unstoppable effort to be a leading player of our industry set us apart from the other. Each of our products is subjected to rigorous quality check system at different stages. The underlying cause of our success is efficient management and outstanding product quality. We use high quality raw materials from genuine suppliers in the market.